A School is the first step children take into the outside world therefore great care has been taken to plan the facilities to provide holistic development and nurture children with care ,compassion and safety. We at A Little more playschool not only focus on studies but extra curricular , co-curricular and psychological developmental too so be it life skills , practical , art , sports , music , reading ,dance , special equipment’s , toys , play area , pool parenting programs you name it and we have it all well planned.

 Indoor Play

Our facility is about 5000sq ft. of indoor space with spacious classrooms filled with natural light, bathrooms with child sized toilets & sinks.

Outdoor Play

Over 2000 sq ft. onsite outdoor play area with a sand pit area, cars, cycles, swings, slides etc.- is the most interesting place for our kids.

Toys & Equipments

Alittle more is equipped with toys and educational materials from top international brands. Our toys are sanitized every week for hygiene purpose.


The colors on the wall have been brilliantly chosen by a color therapist for kids. The theme based classrooms such as Farm room, Jungle room, Aqua room, Snow white room, Goldilocks, Circus and fairy land are sure to generate a lot of excitement amongst our young learners.

Puppet Theater

Puppets are toys that fascinate children. They are captivated by the small people and animals that take them into their imagination. It is through imaginative play that children come to understand the difference between fantasy and reality. When a child is engaged by a puppet they can learn lessons without even realizing.

Ball Pool

Although children just seem to think they are fun, they are actually one of the most therapeutic types of play that involves tactile and visual stimuli. Ball pool provides a multi-sensory environment that will awaken the senses or calm them down, depending on the child.

Pirates Splash Pool

A whole world of fun and exercise opens up at our pool. Kids paddle about to cool off on a hot day. Water play also helps in academic learning like floating, sinking, measuring etc. Pool time has so many wonderful developmental benefits for your child.

Projector for audio visual learning

Children learn differently and audio visual equipment gives teachers the chance to stimulate each child’s learning process with a combination of pictures, sounds and makes learning and teaching effective.

Doll House

Miniature home filled with furniture, tiny people, fridge, washing machine and a kitchen have become well-loved additions to children’s playrooms. It engages children in imaginary play, which provides important educational benefits for intellectual and social development. It helps children acquire confidence and a sense of self, and it is also a key component to learning.

Sand Play

Sand play is a great opportunity for children to have unstructured play time. Whether shaped into castles, dug, dripped, sifted, or buried, sand can take many different forms, thus offering endless opportunities for fun developing motor skills like those necessary to use a small shovel, pull a truck, and build a castle , writing in sand, understanding a new texture and other endless learnings!…

CCTV monitored & Power backup

To prevent assaults and misconduct and to enhance the security purpose we have surveillance system installed.

Speaking Tree

The tree reads out stories for our children.