My daughter Hitanshi enjoyed and learned a lot at ‘a little more'..a good environment,friendly teachers,superb activities,all in all a good pre school

Khushbu Jain

A lil more pre school is d best school I Ve come across...The school is amazingly maintained...The teachers n staff take care off d kids in a well manner...M happy my son is a part off this school.

Meg Singhvi

We are very happy to choose a little more for rithin as his first is neat and organised.they keep updating how the kids are progressing everyday.nice to see the uploaded photos of our kids doing their activities.teachers and akkas are very polite.very happy with rithin's class teacher (sheetalmam ). Would like to continue with the school next year also.

Namratha P

Sara aashis chajjed School is a place where kids learn, A little more school is something beyond where kids not only learn but also groom themselves in all aspects. I would like to highlight the efforts teachers n staff had taken towards these tiny tots for their annual day…..hats off...we as parents lose patience with our own little one but the school managed well to teach these minions and they performed their best... Patience,love,communication,knowledge is at abundance here. I Would like to acknowledge all the teachers without whose guidance and teaching our kids wouldn't have been what they are now. Thank u so much for holding their small hands and guiding them the right path... not to forget all the akkas:) Thanks Diya ma'am for such a lively and active school where each small thing is taken care off really well.. All the best!!.

Sara Aashish Chajjed

Thank you the entire team of A Little More (teaching & non teaching staff). My daughter Sanviksha misses u all. Thank you for your love and care. U guyz have a very protective & secure environment in handling the toddlers. Ur teaching method & approach in bring out the creative skills from the kids is very appreciable. Iam happy that my daughter got introduced to school concept through A Little More!!!!

Sri Lata Battina

This is one of the best schools in town. they have a unique way of teaching which helps the kids enjoy and learn. The teachers are very friendly and approachable. They do everything in a very professional way. The management is doing an excellent job. I would definitely recommend this school for all. Keep up the good work .

Akshaya Kamlesh Ramachandran

Our experience with a little more cannot be expressed in a few lines…from being a shy reserved timid girl Saloni blooms like a flower shines out in whatever she lays her hands on…from her basic manners like thank you, excuse me and sorry are so spontaneous. Grounding the child with prayers and respect for elders..from not knowing how to hold the pencil to writing with ease…rhymes and poems never ending. Lot of hidden potentials which we were never aware of were brought out in school making her main stream school like a cake walk…extremely happy to be a part of A LITTLE MORE.

Tanvi Kamdar

Rishaan is crazy about school. I am extremely happy to see a drastic change in his behavior and the speed of his learning process. Looking forward to the following time he spends at a little more"


"I am really thankful to 'a little more' – the teachers and the management for shaping up MAHI the way she is. She is soon going to move of her second home to a main school but I am sure she will always cherish the moments she has spent here. A big thanks to all of you for looking after my daughter so well."



It's been three years for MAAHI in the school and we as parents feel she has learnt so many new things. Her coloring has improved a lot. Her communicating skill has also improved. So basically we are very happy with the school."


I like the in-depth attention that Jordan is being paid. To be more elaborate- he understands his age group. Also the daily counseling he has been given to avoid his crying when he enters school. I was astonished to see a change in just a day. Also, I like the school trips that are being organized every month. Keep up your good work."



When I visited many schools, I was very scared about the way my child would be treated. DAKSHIN is a sweet at the same time rebellious boy. I was filled with terror, when it was time to put him in a school. I really wondered if anyone would have the love & patience to deal with him. Many schools were just plainly too crowded, unorganized, not bright & well lit. But when I visited "a little more preschool" my doubts dissolved away & the fear & heaviness lifted from my heart. The beautifully painted rooms, the sincere & gentle teachers, the kind akkas and the efficient heads, all have made a great difference in my child's life. Thank you for running a school that ensures safety, hygiene & good education."


A wonderful insight to the child's capabilities. You surely bring out the best within them. Friday healthy snack is absolutely appreciated. Children get accustomed to other food apart from what family is used to."



We are very happy about the school. It is nice to see as a school encouraging for healthy snacks. As children focus more on junk food and now children are tasting this kind of healthy food, really feels at home kind of care. You have taught him manners and obedience. We as parents have great regards for your school."



Aditi (1.6yrs) is a whole lot different after joining little more preschool. She is very disciplined at home and more interactive. She speaks many more words now including her name. I am very happy at the way she is progressing rapidly in all fronts."


Apollo Childrens Hospital, Pediatric Intensivist

As a parent of DAAKSHAN, I feel very much satisfied with this institution. We feel happy that we took a right decision by choosing this school and it is a great start for his education."



Aman is the happiest when in school. So much so that he doesn’t want to come back home. And it is really good to see a variety in the school activities such as the trip to Tuscana, the park, sports day etc. The teachers and staffs are doing a great job."


"Great job! My daughter really enjoyed a lot and learnt a lot more at the same time. Teachers contributed a lot to her learning. Responsible and good staff members".


IPS Superintendent of police-cyber cell. Crime branch, CID