An amalgamation of play-way and Montessori method.


Well-trained and qualified teacher mentors.

Low Student-Teacher Ratio:

To ensure the best personal attention.

Monthly Lesson Plans:

Shared with parents to make it participate.

Field Trips:

To connect schoolwork with the world

Parent-Teacher Conference:

We conduct 4 formal conferences every year. We share a Comprehensive Development Report about each child’s progress/

Toilet Training:

Our staffs work along with parents, as every child learns at a different place.

Etiquette Sessions:

Children are trained in mealtime behavior, social behavior and more..

Mock Interview:

To make children interview-ready for mainstream school admissions.

Cooking Projects:

Where children learn to cook snacks.

Special Activities:

We celebrate all the festivals in a traditional way and also have monthly events like Creative Hat Day, Funky Hair-do Day, Grandparents Day, fancy dress etc..

Sports Day, Annual Day & Graduation Ceremony:

Physical education is incorporated to ensure a child’s all-round development. We conduct sports day and annual day to showcase the talent of each.